Health Home
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The Harris Center has partnered with Optum Integrated Behavioral Health Home to bring clients personalized care services. This cost-free service is designed to help clients reach health-related goals, providing access to health coaching, healthcare screenings, transportation to and from your scheduled healthcare visits and so much more. Our whole-person approach will help clients achieve positive outcomes in both their physical and mental health.

What is a Health Home?

The Harris Center Health Home is a model of patient care that uses a team-based approach and emphasizes care coordination, health coaching, and patient advocacy to provide quality care, help lower medical costs, and achieve an excellent patient care experience.

Did you know?

You can prolong your life and lower the cost of your healthcare by taking control of your health.

We can help you, along with your providers, to take control and improve your overall health and well-being.

Here when you need us

Our innovative technology through partnership with Optum Health & United Healthcare enables our care navigators to help coordinate care with your other health providers. This maximizes integrated care so we can focus on you.

As part of our commitment to provide you with the highest standard of care, we partner with you and collaborate with your other providers to achieve the best quality tailored care we can offer.

  • To schedule an appointment or to speak with a health coach or nurse, call The Harris Center Health Home Program 24-hour line today: 713-970-3095
  • Download our brochure to learn more (in English and in Spanish).

Home Health Resources Toolkit

Click on categories below to access PDFs with helpful tips on how to stay on top of your health.