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PTSD: Unmasking the Complexities of Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety

At The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, their steadfast commitment to trauma-informed care is uniquely positioned to assist people in Harris County coping with their individual traumatic events – whether it’s an accident, shooting or natural disaster. This includes the severe end of the trauma spectrum, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Evelyn Urdiales Locklin, MA, LPC, Director, Emergency Services and Residential Programs, and Trauma Informed Care Implementation Team Lead at The Harris Center, serves as a knowledgeable guide in this complex landscape of trauma. 

Thought Leadership
Providing trauma-informed care and support to patients with adverse childhood experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can profoundly impact an individual's health and well-being, increasing their risk for physical and mental health conditions and social and economic challenges. It is essential for healthcare providers to understand this impact and provide trauma-informed care and support that is sensitive to the unique needs of those who have experienced adversity in childhood. This article explores the importance of providing such care to patients with ACEs and offers practical strategies for healthcare providers to support and care for these individuals effectively.

Harris Center for Mental Health: Supporting children’s mental health during summer break

With the summer in full swing, many children are looking forward to their well-deserved break from school. While this season of fun, leisure and relaxation provide a much-needed respite from academic responsibilities, it can also present unique challenges to the mental health and wellbeing of children.