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Current Solicitations

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD regularly issues Solicitations for services, equipment and supplies related to our operations. The following links are provided as resources in the solicitation process. It is the responsibility of the potential vendor/contractor to comply with the submission requirements as outlined in the Solicitation.

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RFA - HDMD Consumer Housing Services

THE HARRIS CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH and IDD (formerly known as Mental Health Mental Retardation of Harris County) will be accepting responses to a Request for Application(RFA) for the following service:


The HARRIS CENTER for Mental Health and IDD (“The Harris Center”), through its Houston Downtown Management District Program (“HDMD”), is offering to contract with housing facilities to provide short term housing (up to 90 days) for individuals identified by the HDMD Program.


Overview of Program:

Together, The HARRIS CENTER, HDMD, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (“HCSO”) collaboratively work to identify adults in the downtown Houston area who are experiencing chronic homelessness and are exhibiting symptoms of mental illness. The Harris Center Clinician(s) engage with these individuals in an effort to connect them to mental health treatment through the provisioning of intensive crisis intervention and wraparound care coordination services.  The Clinician(s) will further assist with early identification of mental illness symptoms, treatment compliance, and human service delivery. Utilization of the wraparound model will aid the individual in accessing and maintaining mental health services, reintegration into the community, and with the acquisition and retention of housing.

The target population includes adults in the downtown Houston area who are experiencing chronic homelessness and symptoms of mental illness. HDMD will identify and refer individuals to The Harris Center Clinician and the HCSO Deputy based on frequency, duration of homelessness and apparent need for mental health services.        

The Harris Center in partnership with HDMD and HCSO assist targeted individuals with acquiring and maintaining stable housing as well as mental health services. The Harris Center Clinician and the HCSO Deputy will partner together daily to provide clinical and care coordination services in the community. This program utilizes a Trauma-Informed Approach in providing recovery oriented, wraparound services to the program participants. This program actively utilizes the least restrictive means of care to engage individuals to utilize necessary services while helping them develop the additional community supports to assist with the transition from the streets into a safe, stable environment.

The HDMD Programs aims to help individuals retain stable housing and sustainable mental health care.




Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and the housing need is immediate. If selected, your application will remain open for two years.