Town Hall for the Youth and Family Wellness Center

Houston Town Hall

The first Town Hall meeting for our new Youth and Family Wellness Center was a huge success! Our community showed up to share ideas and provide invaluable feedback on The Harris Center's latest expansion. 

Thank you to Gerald Womack, Wayne Young, and State Representative Senfronia Thompson for speaking with the community and sharing our plans for this new expansion.

This is the first of many community-based events we will hold while the Youth and Family Wellness Center starts developing construction and programming plans. This project relies on community feedback to inform and direct us - thank you to all who attended!

Here are some highlights of what community members had to say:

If you could imagine a healthier neighborhood, what would it look like?

  • More green spaces
  • Accessible sidewalks and spaces to walk/jog
  • Affordable gyms and places to work out
  • Accessibility to fresh groceries
  • Supporting local businesses and knowing your neighbors
  • Access to healthcare and other resources that are hard to find

Why do you think this wellness center will be necessary for your community?

  • Better access to healthcare
  • Destigmatizing mental illness
  • Reduce feelings of solitude and dementia rates among seniors
  • It will create a healthier and wealthier community
  • Cultivate a stronger sense of community