Advertised Solicitations
Two business owners shaking hands with The Harris Center staff upon being awarded a contract

The advertisement contains a short description of the products or services desired, the job number, the time and date the responses are due and location where the response documents may be downloaded or picked up. Jobs advertised in the newspaper are also posted for public view on the agency website and the State (ESBD).

Vendors may register on The Harris Center for Mental Health’s website to obtain future notification specific to their product/commodity/service and or project available for bidding.

Solicitations, for example an Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Qualification (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) package may be obtained by one of the following methods:

  1. Go to the Current Solicitations page, review requirements then download/print document(s). Follow the instructions provided in the document.
  2. To be notified of future business opportunities, register online with The Public Group, follow instructions provided. The buyer will use this site to obtain vendors for a specific commodity and or service. Buyers will utilize this site to notify vendors by commodity when an advertised solicitation has been placed on the site. Vendors must keep their registration data, such as email addresses, current in order to receive timely updates concerning documents they have downloaded.
  3. Solicitation documents may be emailed to a vendor. The Purchasing office assumes no responsibility as to timely delivery of mailed bid or RFP documents or for any bid/RFP addenda.
  4. Some solicitation documents, generally for construction projects, may require pickup from an alternate location such as the Engineer's office.

Solicitation Guidelines

  • Various business associations or agencies such as the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) and or Women’s Business Enterprise post solicitation to their website so their membership can be aware of business opportunities.
  • Proper communication with any agency distributing The Harris Center’s solicitation information is important to assure timely communication of any addenda to the job specifications.
  • Vendors are encouraged to read solicitation (bid or RFP) information thoroughly before contacting a buyer with questions. Email is the preferred method of communication with the Purchasing office regarding a solicitation documentation. Contact information is provided in the solicitation document.
  • Care should be taken when completing a solicitation. Failure to comply with requirements is considered non-responsive and may result in disqualification. Prior to submitting a response, vendors must verify their response/submission is signed and all documentation has been completed. If a vendor responds to more than one job, be sure the vendor’s response is placed in the envelope marked with the corresponding job number.
  • Responses to an RFP are confidential and are opened in the Purchasing Office or location identified by Purchasing. An RFP allows negotiation with those vendors who submit proposals that have a reasonable possibility of obtaining the award. The final negotiated contract may become public upon award and execution of an agreement as described by state law.
  • A recommendation to a solicitation is presented to the agency’s Leadership and Board for discussion and approval when in session. Recommendation(s)/Responses received on days when the agency’s Board does not meet are referred for future action. Responses/recommendation may be awarded, rejected, carried over, or referred (referrals will be reviewed in more detail and placed back on the agenda at a later date).
  • Once the agency’s full Board approve an award recommendation, vendors/contractors are notified by the Purchasing office.
  • The purchase order is the agency's official instrument of procurement. Vendors are not authorized to deviate from the instructions set forth in the purchase order and invoices must always reference the applicable purchase order number.
  • Purchasing office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Unadvertised Solicitations

  • Purchases of goods and services less than $50,000 do not require publication in a newspaper.
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to obtain adequate information and price quotes to evaluate the required products or services as the timeframe and workload allow.
  • Unadvertised purchases are those equal to or below the agency approved competitive dollar threshold limit, do not require an advertisement placed in a local newspaper of general circulation, agency website or other local media and /or the State ESBD prior to procurement.
  • The Director of Purchasing/Manager and/or Purchasing designee reserves the right to advertise for quotes, bids or proposals for purchases of any amount.

For questions about business opportunities, vendor registration, and more, 

Call 713-970-7000