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In The Media

Behind the hotline, counselors and others ready to help at the Harris Center
8/5/2019 -

Reaching out for help is often difficult, even more so when you are in a crisis. 

Texas County Pilots Telehealth Crisis Response Program
2/26/2019 -

News article about the Tele-Psychiatry Program. Ann MacLeod, Dr. Vinay Kapoor and Wayne shared with the reporter about this innovative program. 

Resources for Santa Fe students, parents as classes resume
5/29/2018 -

HOUSTON - For students and parents in Santa Fe, every day since the shooting has been an emotional battle. Even small tasks, like going to the school to get backpacks, have a heightened sense of anxiety...

Newsmakers for Jan. 7: Mental health help for Harvey victims
1/4/2018 -

HOUSTON - As we start 2018, the challenges created by Hurricane Harvey remain.

The recovery process is still slow for some and stressful for all. That’s where Texans Recovering Together can help those dealing with problems that can lead to serious mental health concerns...

How do you talk to your kids about the Vegas shooting?
10/3/2017 -

HOUSTON--The mass shooting in Las Vegas has added another horrific moment to the American history books.

Today, October 3 is the 274th day of the year and according to the Gun Violence Archive, in 2017 there have been 273 mass shootings and counting...

County mental health agency hires new CEO
9/28/2017 -

The agency in charge of Harris County's indigent mental health services has selected a Fort Worth administrator as its new CEO, the first change in its top leadership in a quarter century.

The trustee board for the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, formerly known as the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority, Tuesday voted to hire Wayne Young, senior vice president of behavioral health for the Tarrant County Hospital District.

Houston Harvey victims tending to their mental health needs during suicide prevention month
9/7/2017 -

HOUSTON -- When Annie Woodard's Sunnyside home flooded out, she went to Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church in southeast Houston for shelter and supplies. But what she found, was someone to talk to...

Texas Prisoner Responds To Theory That He’s Responsible For Galveston Serial Murders
8/1/2017 -

Houston Matters recently brought you the story of two investigators who have a theory as to who might’ve killed eleven young women in and around Galveston in the 1970s...

Harris County needs more funds to address scope of mental health concerns
6/12/2017 -

“The good news is, in a world that has become very partisan and very uncivil in terms of politics, everybody agrees mental health is an issue we can all work on,” Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said.

Texas falls short on mental health access, spending
6/1/2017 -

As part of the program, the county works with law enforcement to identify individuals with multiple arrests who have potential behavioral health issues. Instead of booking them again in the county jail, individuals are referred to health care professionals for medical care.

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