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Amid debate to defund the police, Dallas County DA’s plan to divert mentally ill offenders does something better
9/14/2020 - The Dallas Morning News

Amid debate to defund the police, Dallas County DA’s plan to divert mentally ill offenders does something better Commissioners will vote Tuesday on critical funding to get ...

HCSO expands tele-psychiatry program
9/11/2020 - KHOU-11

In December 2017, KHOU reported on a pilot program that would connect people in crisis with mental health clinicians. All deputies needed to make the connection was an Apple iPad. We reported the ...

An inside look at The Harris Center and its 24/7 crisis hotline
9/9/2020 - KHOU-11

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has been associated with mental health challenges related to the morbidity and mortality caused by the disease and to mitigation activities ...

Harris County sheriff launches Project Guardian to improve interactions with residents with autism
9/7/2020 - The Houston Chronicle

A new initiative from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office aims to help deputies avoid causing stress or trauma by alerting them that they’re about to interact with a person on the autism spectrum.

Whether It's Hurricanes Or COVID-19, Disasters Are Driving A Mental Health Crisis
8/29/2020 - Texas Tribune

According to a Rice University survey, 50% of Houston-area residents have wrestled with powerful or severe emotional distress since Hurricane Harvey battered the region in 2017.

Disasters are driving a mental health crisis
8/25/2020 - The Center for Public Integrity

The nation isn’t ready. The country’s primary aid for mental health after disasters is the Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program,

The coronavirus pandemic is still raging in Texas. Its mental health toll will only get worse
8/24/2020 - The Houston Chronicle

Maybe if she hadn’t heard the man cough, Paula Parker would still be able to sleep. She’d been at the convenience store next to the...

Houston police see increase in mental health calls since start of COVID-19 pandemic
7/31/2020 - KHOU-11

On the streets of Houston, fighting crime isn’t the only job police officers are doing these days. “We can say we have seen an increase in mental health related calls for service to HPD," Asst. Chief Wendy Baimbridge, with the Houston Police Department, said.

Experts talk mental health as start of school draws near
7/30/2020 - The Houston Chronicle

Region 4, in partnership with the Harris Center for Mental Health and the Texas State of Mind/Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, has trained about 1,900 teachers and staff members in Mental Health First Aid,” Wells said. “But mental health for students is not just a function of dealing with trauma: it also involves helping students develop resilience and life skills.”

Amidst Calls for Defunding Police HPD Dedicates More Dollars to Mental Health Unit
7/23/2020 - Reform Austin

Following the death of George Floyd and the corresponding protests about police brutality, there has been a push across the nation, including here in Texas, to defund the police.

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