Crisis Services Continuum
24 Hour Crisis and Access Line: 713-970-7000
Toll Free Crisis and Access Line: 1-866-970-4770

Crisis Services Continuum

Crisis Services Continuum

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD offers a full continuum of crisis-related services to help stabilize and improve psychological symptoms of distress. By implementing innovative and evidence-based treatment plans for individuals experiencing a psychiatric emergency, our services can provide personalized treatment plans for those in need. The Harris Center’s Crisis Services Continuum utilizes five core services including:

  1. Coordinated Specialty Care is a recovery-oriented treatment program that promotes shared decision making and utilizes a team of specialists who develop specialized treatment plans for individuals with first episode psychosis.
  2. Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams provide in-person assistance to people who are at-risk of harm to themselves or others, offering 24/7 counseling services to people in their home, at school or another location.
  3. Crisis Respite Unit offers stays up to seven days providing counseling services and medication to individuals who are deemed low-risk to harming themselves and others.
  4. Crisis Stabilization Units offer short-term (maximum 14 days) residential treatment designed to reduce acute symptoms of mental illness provided in a secure and protected clinically staffed treatment facility.
  5. Extended Observation Units provides up to 48 hours of emergency and crisis stabilization services in a secure and clinically-staffed treatment facility with immediate access to urgent or emergency medical evaluation and treatment. Individuals are provided appropriate and coordinated transfer to a higher levels of care when needed.



The Harris Center offers:


  • A triple-aim approach to care
  1. Improving the patient experience of care
  2. Improving the health of populations
  3. Reducing the per capita cost of health care
  • Innovative, evidence-based practices
  • Internationally recognized standards of care receiving a CARF® accreditation for quality of services
  • Premiere crisis services across Harris County as a certified community behavioral health clinic certification through the Texas Health and Human Services