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Cognitive Processing Therapy Helps Client Overcome Childhood Trauma Bookmark

Cognitive Processing Therapy Helps Client Overcome Childhood Trauma

Janet successfully completed a full protocol of Cognitive Processing Therapy for childhood trauma. She reported feeling uncomfortable with the memories and struggled talking about them.


After beginning to realize she was using problematic thinking to justify self-loathing and accepting the responsibility of her abuser, she began reporting a significant drop in the frequency, strength and vividness of the memories. 


Janet is now focusing on strengthening the relationship with her daughter and going back to college.  She shares she is now also willing to entertain the possibility of starting a new romantic relationship since she feels confident in the skills she has learned to identify abusive behaviors and establish healthy and appropriate boundaries. 


The joy in Janet’s face is evident when she describes the benefits of the services she has received at the Northwest Community Service Center. 


Nicholas Shawver, LPC, LCDC, LSOTP

Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts (LPHA) 2


*The name of the client has been altered to safeguard the client’s privacy.


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