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Southwest Adults: My Strength is my Attitude

Marcus was the first graduate of the Southwest Adults Clinic Anger Management program completed this course in October.  He expressed gratitude for the progress he has made. Marcus shared with us that he is now able to use coping skills.

Prior to attending group, Marcus experienced two episodes of suicidal ideation and anger symptoms. Like an emotional flood, Marcus used to express his feelings of anger in a destructive manner creating negative consequences with personal and professional relationships. Marcus' behaviors caused him to seek treatment to better manage anger.

Since attending the anger management group, Marcus shares that he feels better able to utilize coping skills to remain and gain a feeling of calm when stressed. He has and continues to employ techniques from his 'toolbox of learning'. One of these tools is imagery to convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts.


'The Anger Management Group has helped me by venting my frustration,' Marcus shares. 'Also, by using my anger [in a positive manner changing negatives into positives] for my greater good.[Learning] helpful tools strengthens my attitude and how I view my circumstances”.


Marcus reports an intention to continue participating in Anger Management for maintenance even after he received his completion certificate. When we asked him why he wishes to attednd the group after graduation, he shared that 'being consistent in wanting to get better by not straddling the fence' is his primary motivation. “


- Christopher Times, MA, QMHP-CS


*The name of the client and his family have been altered to safeguard their privacy.


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