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"I received a call from a woman who was depressed and felt like no one appreciated her. She stated that her sons always responded when she requested assistance, but they never just called to check on her and say 'hello.' 

She is the oldest of seven siblings and has always been the caretaker. She just needed someone to listen to her and tell her that she was important in the world. It helped for her to vent her feelings and be heard. She was reminded of how successful she had been in all these years with her family and friends.


She was very thankful for my suggestions and self-care tips that I shared with her. We practiced deep breathing and discussed visualizing her favorite place for future stressful times. We also discussed how thinking positively can change one’s outcome and that meditation is also good for our bodies as well as our heart.


She thanked me profusely and stated 'I feel so much better now and realize that my stress has been causing me heart problems lately. I now know how to reduce my negative emotions and manage my stress. Thank you so much for calling me, I can take on anything now.'"


- Nancy Carmichael,  

CCP-COVID Crisis Counselor



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