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Through The Harris Center’s partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a Lifeline call in the area we cover was answered by our Crisis Line. The caller was inebriated and sitting on the railroad tracks with the intent to die. 

After talking with the caller for a while about his concerns, he decided he didn’t want to die. But at this point, he realized his boot was stuck in the railroad tracks and he could not get out.


We worked with our team to call 911 who were then able to connect with the railroad service to halt all trains in the area until the caller was safely removed from harm by police officers who arrived on scene. The officers escorted the caller home.


The Crisis Line team followed up with the caller multiple times and were able to connect him to SpindleTop Center for ongoing care. The caller called us back the next day to thank the team for talking with him and let us know that doesn’t plan on every doing anything like that again.​​​​​​​"


-Bailey and Kandace, Crisis Line Team Members


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